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What happens inside an authorised Gold Coast asbestos waste facility?

With tonnes of hazardous asbestos waste generated from removal projects across the Gold Coast annually, upholding stringent waste disposal protocols through to final encapsulation stages remains imperative in eliminating contamination threats. This article examines operations occurring inside advanced Waste Management Centres engineered to permanently incarcerate deadly asbestos legacy materials away from communities safely. Waste acceptance […]

Why water blasters should never be used removing asbestos material

With water blasters widely considered versatile problem-solving tools harnessed liberally across endless household and commercial applications, many Australians remain oblivious these high pressure cleaners tragically accelerate deadly asbestos hazards once released. This article debunks myths claiming moist asbestos practices prevent fibre release, when science proves saturated removal severely intensifies airborne contamination concentrations tenfold instead. Understanding […]

Workplace asbestos exposure risks: Protecting employees on site

With asbestos materials still disturbingly prolific across countless Australian workplaces, employers uphold primary duty preventing occupational asbestos exposure threatening employees on site. This article outlines key risks and protocols managers must take to protect their most valuable assets – loyal staff – against preventable deadly asbestos harm. Identifying suspected asbestos within work environments Before purchasing […]

Does your fibro Gold Coast home contain hidden asbestos?

With ‘fibro’ architecture ubiquitous across Gold Coast suburbs constructed between 1920 and 1990, many homeowners remain oblivious these textured wall/ceiling sheeting materials plastered internally often contain dangerous asbestos fibre camouflaged from plain sight. This guide examines common places asbestos hides within fibro home anatomy demanding owners’ attention. Understanding asbestos risks lurking behind wall/ceiling linings Prevalent […]

Navigating council regulations for asbestos removal projects

Local council oversight across construction and demolition works ensures residential asbestos handling complies with health and environmental regulations. Navigating requisite approvals before asbestos removals proves critical for smooth sign-offs after projects finish. This guide examines key permissions Gold Coast households undertaking remediation require from council regulators upholding community safety standards. Seeking demolition approvals for licensed […]

Common Mistakes Queenslanders Make Attempting DIY asbestos removal

Discovering asbestos materials within Queensland homes sparks understandable frustration for households eager to eliminate exposure risks promptly. Yet attempting do-it-yourself removals hoping to save money or accelerate work frequently spirals out of control. As an asbestos removal expert with over 20 years’ experience, I implore all Queensland homeowners to avoid falling into common DIY traps […]

Preparing walls & ceilings for safe asbestos removal in Gold Coast homes

With walls and ceilings featuring asbestos materials prevalent inside Gold Coast houses built prior to 1990, homeowners planning remediation works require strategic preparation upholding structural integrity before hazardous removal stages commence. Avoiding rushed asbestos extractions risks compromising delicate substrates underpinning family sanctuaries. This guide outlines key pre-removal measures allowing smooth access. Inspecting wall/ceiling asbestos and […]

Why asbestos roof sheeting still exists on local buildings today

Asbestos cement roof sheeting remains prolific across countless commercial, industrial and residential structures constructed before 1990 nationwide. Yet despite 30 years passing since Australia’s 2003 asbestos prohibition, progress removing deadly roofing materials that continue deteriorating under harsh UV exposure proves painfully slow for property owners. This article examines reasons managing lingering asbestos roofing removal around […]

Correctly disposing of hazardous asbestos waste on the Gold Coast

With tonnes of dangerous asbestos waste generated from removal projects across the Gold Coast annually, ensuring correctly licensed transportation and stringent disposal protocols are followed throughout asbestos waste’s hazardous chain of custody journey remains paramount. Negligent mishandling by unqualified operators anywhere along the way severely risks deadly fibre exposure and environmental contamination via wind and […]

Asbestos exposure health effects – Making workers & families aware

After managing asbestos removal projects across commercial and residential sites for over 20 years, I remain committed to openly communicating the tangible health impacts asbestos exposure inflicts upon unsuspecting workers and families. Beyond executing technical removal procedures safely, creating informed communities who recognise asbestos hazards and early symptoms empowers life-saving responses that our industry is […]



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