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Common Mistakes Queenslanders Make Attempting DIY asbestos removal

Discovering asbestos materials within Queensland homes sparks understandable frustration for households eager to eliminate exposure risks promptly. Yet attempting do-it-yourself removals hoping to save money or accelerate work frequently spirals out of control. As an asbestos removal expert with over 20 years’ experience, I implore all Queensland homeowners to avoid falling into common DIY traps making asbestos threats graver. This article outlines key mistakes households make trying to take asbestos solutions into their own hands.

Assuming asbestos sheeting is benign cement board

Uncertainty identifying whether concerning grey flat sheeting and corrugated products plastered across backyard tool sheds or beneath worn vinyl contains asbestos remains the greatest DIY pit Queenslanders fall into. Hacking away assuming cement board asbestos-free gets immediately blown once hazardous dust release gives the game away.

Asbestos sheet disturbance dramatically escalates contamination threats. Even minor cracks trigger millions of microscopic deadly fibres leaking into home environments. Without professional containment measures in place, disastrous exposure follows. Testing uncertainty by a licenced assessor must precede any removal attempts.

Neglecting essential personal protective equipment

Protection fundamentals like disposable coveralls, specialist P2 respiratory face masks and sealed goggles represent non-negotiable personal safety barriers for any asbestos handling. Yet remarkably DIYers routinely wrist watch YouTube clips sidestepping such critical precautions before attempting asbestos extractions in thongs and t-shirts!

This complacency guarantees exposure amidst fibre storms created through uncontrolled breakages. PPE isn’t just recommended – it’s the mandatory difference between life and death. Don’t be lured into a false sense of safety around asbestos.

Critical asbestos removal machinery lacking:

  • Negative air pressure units to filter contaminated fibres
  • Decontamination facilities to prevent transferring exposure
  • Specialist wrap sealing fragments avoiding bag fibre leakage


Botching waste bag sealing and disposal obligations

Following doomed efforts prying at asbestos sheets, DIYers typically stuff jagged remnants into standard plastic waste bags vastly unsuitable for hazardous fragments containment. Twisting tops to seal instead of taping closed allows microscopic fibres continual escape through pores in low-density polyethylene.

No clear labelling also means bags get mixed with general waste skips not forensically engineered to appropriately receive asbestos. This further risks transportation workers and landfill contact contamination when roughly handled. Asbestos deserves specialist clinical grade removal end to end.

Attempting unapproved roof access removals

We increasingly get emergency calls to homes after failed roof access efforts saw Queenslanders crash through fragile cement sheet ceilings critically injured after losing balance off ladders. Savage vertical drops onto asbestos debris see large skin tear lacerations and broken bones requiring urgent hospitalisation.

Rushed unsafe manoeuvring also denies asbestos roofing opportunities for methodical removal processes. The ensuing damage requires extensive professional remediation works anyway clearly outweighing disastrous medical risks. Roofs demand strict scaffolded access.

Promoting informed asbestos solutions across communities

The spike in rogue DIY asbestos attempts reveals concerning awareness gaps within society. Beyond disciplined on-site operations, my firm actively engages Queensland community groups through asbestos safety education programs explaining identification fundamentals and partnered removal imperatives as lifelong precaution habits given our legacy. Preventing exposure together starts at grassroots levels.


Reality remains asbestos removals should only ever be performed by specialist licensed operators armed with clinical grade safety equipment, strategic procedures upholding structures and waste disposal processes ensuring eliminated threats. Attempting DIY cost-cutting barrel rolls loaded with exposure roulette. Partner qualified removalists executing meticulous methodology for assured safety.

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