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Complete Checklist for Property Owners in Preparation for an Asbestos Examination

As a property owner, preparing for an asbestos inspection is crucial in ensuring a safe environment for occupants and complying with asbestos regulations. This article provides a comprehensive checklist to help property owners prepare for an asbestos inspection and ensure a smooth and efficient process.


Choose a Qualified Asbestos Inspector

  • Research potential inspectors: Look for certified and experienced asbestos inspectors with a proven track record in your area.
  • Verify credentials: Confirm the inspector’s certifications and qualifications, including any required state or federal licenses.
  • Request references: Ask for references from previous clients to ensure the inspector has a history of providing satisfactory service.


Gather Relevant Property Information

  • Property age and history: Determine the age of your property and any historical information that may indicate the likelihood of asbestos presence.
  • Previous inspection reports: Locate and review your property’s previous asbestos inspection reports.
  • Renovation and construction records: Compile records of any past renovations or construction projects that may have involved the disturbance of ACMs.


Prepare the Property for Inspection

  • Clear access to all areas: Ensure the inspector has unobstructed access to your property, including basements, attics, crawl spaces, and mechanical rooms.
  • Remove clutter: Clear away any clutter or debris that may obstruct the inspector’s ability to assess materials and collect samples visually.
  • Notify occupants: Inform occupants of the upcoming inspection and any potential disruptions or restrictions to their normal activities.


Accompany the Inspector During the Inspection

  • Be present: Accompany the inspector during the inspection to answer any questions and provide additional information about the property.
  • Take notes: Document the inspector’s findings and any areas of concern for future reference.
  • Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to ask the inspector questions about the inspection process, findings, and recommended next steps.


Review the Inspection Report and Develop an Asbestos Management Plan

  • Review the report: Carefully review the inspection report, including the location, condition, and type of asbestos identified.
  • Develop a management plan: Based on the inspection results, develop and implement an asbestos management plan to address identified risks and comply with regulations.
  • Schedule follow-up inspections: Plan for regular follow-up inspections, as required by regulations, to ensure ongoing compliance and proper asbestos management.


Communicate the Inspection Results and Management Plan

  • Inform occupants: Share the inspection results and management plan with occupants to ensure they are aware of any asbestos risks and the steps being taken to address them.
  • Train employees: If applicable, train or build maintenance staff on asbestos awareness, safe work practices, and the specifics of your asbestos management plan.
  • Establish clear communication channels: Ensure occupants, employees, and contractors have a clear point of contact for any asbestos-related questions or concerns.


Hire a Licensed Asbestos Abatement Contractor if Necessary

  • Research potential contractors: If asbestos remediation is required, research licensed and experienced abatement contractors in your area.
  • Verify credentials: Confirm the contractor’s certifications, licenses, and insurance coverage.
  • Obtain multiple quotes: Request quotes from multiple contractors to compare prices and services before deciding.


Proper preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and efficient asbestos inspection process. By choosing a qualified inspector, gathering relevant property information, and preparing your property for inspection, you can help to identify and address any asbestos risks in your building. Communicating the inspection results and management plan to occupants and employees, as well as hiring a licensed abatement contractor if necessary, will ensure ongoing compliance with regulations and help to protect the health and well-being of everyone on your property.

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