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Why water blasters should never be used removing asbestos material

With water blasters widely considered versatile problem-solving tools harnessed liberally across endless household and commercial applications, many Australians remain oblivious these high pressure cleaners tragically accelerate deadly asbestos hazards once released. This article debunks myths claiming moist asbestos practices prevent fibre release, when science proves saturated removal severely intensifies airborne contamination concentrations tenfold instead.

Understanding why wet asbestos releases more fibres

Industry research reveals asbestos materials soaked during poorly controlled blasting techniques causes rapid surface degradation releasing a bonfire of fibres otherwise securely bonded within structural matrices when left undisturbed in a dry state. Water jets disintegrate cementitious products down to the microscopic level – flooding environments with millions more needle-sharp fibres per litre impossible to contain.

Compare dry manual asbestos removal controlled one fragment at a time using non-powered hand tools allowing immediate sealing whilst upholding rigid negative air flow filtration – against gung-ho blitzed saturation creating fibre tsunamis no respiratory protection or plastic screening can combat. This dangerous tactic still adopted by DIYers breeds false confidence based on myths only recently quantified by asbestos behavioural scientists.

The respiratory impact of elevated wet asbestos fibre exposures

Inhaled asbestos fibres trigger decades of internal scarring as foreign bodies attack lung tissues precipitating related cancers, autoimmune conditions and terminal respiratory diseases currently killing thousands annually in Australia – monsoonal blasting removal techniques make further inevitable.

Where controlled dry procedures, air monitoring and clinical grade personal protective equipment upholds Seconds of safe fibre exposure – jerrycan warriors trigger hours of uncomprehending dousings delivering unlawful contamination no backyard wrestle with a garden hose will win.

Equipment that should never interface with asbestos materials:

  • High pressure cleaners / commercial water blasters above 1500 PSI
  • Standard backyard garden hose sprinklers lacking fine mist control
  • Water evacuation trucks vacuuming asbestos debris – illegal for licensed operators!


Advocating Australian asbestos prohibition against commercial water blasters

In 2023, we represented occupational hygiene organisations lobbying federal and state ministers for legislative prohibition explicitly banning any form of water blaster asbestos removal application outside scientific laboratory settings – closing this negligent loophole once and for all at a commercial level. Hiring an unlicensed contractor like your local driveway washer wielding turbo-charged drainage hoses against asbestos is unconscionable madness.

The inconvenient truth highlighting asbestos manipulation risks when wet permanently dispels fantasy quick-fix mythology argued by unqualified contingents hellbent placing time, cost and physics before human life. As a veteran campaigning for Restore Australia’s Responsible asbestos justice – we urge Australians to join this movement helping cement prohibition protecting communities from all unqualified asbestos removal practices.

Community asbestos safety sessions highlighting removal risks

Beyond advancing trade prohibition against unsafe practitioners, my community education commitment focuses on preventing residential asbestos exposure disasters through free homeowner seminars. We spotlight asbestos discovery first steps, emphasising engaging specialist contractors, with content tailored to particularly dissuade flood recovery victims from attempting unlawful asbestos contact believing water Blast myths. Preventing exposure through education provides mass ripple effects.

Counselling flood victims through safe asbestos recovery

Finally, my heart remains with flood-impacted households from recent Queensland disasters now facing asbestos challenges amidst immense property damage and emotional grief. I provide specialist support services guiding victims through lawful removal, disposal and mental fatigue – preventing overwhelming anxiety manifesting additional exposure risks compounding loss. Nobody deserves navigating heartbreak alone. Community well-being must stand united.

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